Wilson Fisk was involved in New York City crime at an early age. He is also known for his villain moniker Kingpin. Wilson is the crime lord in New York City in the Marvel Puzzle Quest. To gain the upper hand in a fight he has no qualms about sacrificing his subordinates, where he has been a leader of the Hand and Maggia. Let’s discuss the Kingpin costume in detail with a complete DIY guide.

Professional Bald Cap Kit: Amazon

You have two options for the identical getup of the Kingpin cosplay. Either bald your hair with a clean shave or use a bald cap for the Kingpin makeover.

White Dress Shirt: Amazon

Kingpin Marvel had to appear several times with Spiderman, Daredevil, Hawkeye, etc. Almost in every appearance, he needs a dress shirt to wear inside his suit. This time your white dress shirt Kingpin cosplay.

Black Double Breasted Suit: Amazon

Marvel legend Kingpin cosplayer looks dashing after wearing this suit. It is suitable for weddings, business meetings, fashion parties, etc.

Purple Cravat: Amazon

Wilson Fisk Marvel is wearing a purple cravat necktie along with a black suit. It is solid color Traditional victorian style ascot.

Purple Lined Pea Coat: Amazon

Kingpin in this version wears a neat and clean black suit with a purple cravat. He needs a trench coat with matching purple lining. At this point, you have to be very conscious because purple lining and accurate light gray shade both in tandem can be difficult.

Light Grey Trench Coat: Amazon

Besides the Kingpin comic, you have collected multiple items for the Marvel Puzzle Quest cosplay. Visit the product page to cart more colors from the Amazon store.

Diamond Head Walking Cane: Amazon

Comparing Kingpin Daredevil, he uses a walking cane with a diamond head. For easy travel and assembling you can use top and bottom pieces to screw and unscrew.

Black Patent Dress Shoes: Amazon

After having black dress shoes in your bucket you are ready for the Kingpin cosplay from Marvel Puzzle Quest. We appreciate it if you could share this DIY with your social media friends. Stay with us to check other DIY for Halloween costume ideas.

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