In the RPG game Cyberpunk 2077, V (voiced by Cherami Li when female) is the main character. The female version of V has an asymmetrical haircut, she wore moto-inspired pants with a bomber jacket. However, V is originally a customized character; everything impacts the story, your decision to appear V, and other attributes as well. If in any case, you can’t arrange the replica Cyberpunk 2077 jacket, you can recreate the identical look by adding a light strip to the inside collar of the brown bomber jacket. Collect all the accessories of the Female V costume for Halloween and cosplay.

Asymmetrical Wig: Amazon

Let’s begin this DIY of the Female V cosplay costume with the Female V wig. If you have a craze for an identical look you have to follow her hairstyle as well. Don’t be shy purity always gets the victory.

Brown Bomber Jacket: Amazon

Cyberpunk V leather jacket is available at the Amazon store, if you didn’t find any you can cart this bomber jacket made with faux leather. You can also take advantage of our leather guide to preserve your leather jackets long-lasting.

Rope Light: Amazon

If you got Cyberpunk 2077 PS5 leather jacket from the leather store, that will definitely glow inside the collar. Otherwise, make some little effort to attach rope light inside your leather jacket to have identical looks of Female V cosplay.

Brown Crop Top: Amazon

The Brown crop top is the must-buy item for the Cyberpunk 2077 cosplay. Several colors are available on the product page, it is a non-see-through and adjustable sports bra. It will keep you stunning during walks, fitness, yoga, etc.

Black Moto Pants: Amazon

The Cyberpunk gameplay chooses the black moto pant for the rough and tough moves of the V. Breathable fabric and elastic to make this paint quick-dry and sweat absorbent. It is warmer during cold weather and provides better protection under jeans.

Wallet Chain: Amazon

Like a waist chain gives a woman an attractive look; a wallet chain enhances the beauty of the Female V. The belt loop for the wallet chain is made of high-quality stainless steel that is strong and durable for long time use.

Black Wedge Heels: Amazon

Once you have collected the V shoes you are ready for Halloween cosplay. There are so many characters you may consider from Cyberpunk PS4 but now you have pretty much prepared for V attire. Don’t forget to visit our collection of costumes for more Halloween costume ideas.

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