Marvel has created many superheroes who have specialized differently according to their powers and skills. These superheroes pay their best effort in Avengers Endgame. Everyone is planning to become a great leader Star-Lord this Halloween. The movie made up the career of Chris Pratt as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord.  Guardians of the Galaxy provides him the opportunity to become a great leader with a great team. As compared to the Quantum suit Star Lord costume is very famous that everybody loves to wear it. This is the right time to follow the Star Lord Costume guide for the best experience.


Guardians of the Galaxy Costume Jacket (Amazon)

Want to complete the costume of Guardians of the Galaxy? Then buy this maroon-colored jacket and have safer bike rides this winter season! This is such a stylish jacket that possesses a zipper closure and button style as well!

Infinity War Star Lord Leather Jacket (Amazon)

Star lord jacket has many varieties which include this one as a style too. Try this maroon-colored one to complete the Infinity War Star-Lord costume! We also have other styles and different colors available for you!

GOTG Star Lord T-Shirt (Amazon)

Grey long sleeves Star Lord Shirt is a must-have for you to wear at casual parties or combine it with any other clothing style to turn it out into a perfect costume! Your wardrobe definitely needs a piece like this.

Star Lord Pants (Amazon)

Have you ever thought of pants specially made for riding purposes? Yes, now these Peter Jason Quill pants are available as they are the most comfortable to wear while riding bikes! The adjustable belt gives you a custom fit. The knee armor and hip pads are also removable in case you don’t feel comfortable with them. Also, keep in mind that the size of these pants and the size of regular jeans or pants have a lot of differences!

Star Lord Boots (Amazon)

Star lord boots are now available at a really affordable price and in such an attractive color that is brown in color and has a stylish belt style to make you the center of attention! These boots are also available in black color but for the costume, you will have to buy the brown ones.

Star Lord Belt (Amazon)

Longing for an original belt with Star lord’s buckle? Your longing ends here and now we have an amazing item that is a brown belt made of leather with a tough metal alloy and of course the most important the original star lord buckle for star lord fans. Don’t wait and then regret missing the opportunity.

Peter Quill Mask (Amazon)

Star lord mask is now available for Star Lord Fans. This can also be the best gift your child might be longing for and they’ll love it as their birthday gift. This can be used to complete the star lord costume for this Halloween party and your child can rock the party!

Star Lord Blaster (Amazon)

Get your child this Star Lord quad blaster for his upcoming birthday! He will definitely love this birthday gift the most. He can use it to complete his Quill Marvel costume for the costume party this year and also play with it at home. It can be loaded with 4 darts at a time. This blaster looks like the Star Lord’s weapon and will make your child look like a superhero for sure!


How many of us miss the old Star Lord Halloween costume which we include in this guide for the crazy followers of the Star Lord Vol 2. Scroll down to grab the Guardians of the galaxy Peter Quill cosplay costume.

Star Lord Coat (Amazon)

Want a new style of jacket for this winter season? Look out for this leather trench coat for men and have this hanging in your wardrobe to complete your Star Lord Costume. This stylish Peter Quill jacket is a must-have for every individual this winter to rock in their high school or university!

Star Lord Helmet (Amazon)

Star Lord Helmet with Red Light Guardians of the Galaxy Mask is now a top choice of parents to gift it to their kids this birthday and make them the happiest on this planet! This is a universal size that will fit every head. The batteries that this helmet uses are available easily everywhere so it won’t be a problem for you at all!

Guardians of the Galaxy Star Lord Costume Belt (Amazon)

Have you been wanting a Star Lord original belt for ages? This is now available for Star Lord Fans. The belt is made up of leather and the ring is made of tough alloy. To complete the costume we would recommend you to buy the brown one but we also have this belt available in black color.

Chris Pratt Costume Pant (Amazon)

Bikers pants are now available at an affordable price for bikers! Do try the look! This item is identical to what Peter wears in GOTG Vol.2 as Star Lord outfit.

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy 1 Half Chap (Amazon)

Star Lord Suit requires this leather legging to be a mandatory part of the costume. It will help you highlight every single part of the Chris Pratt Star Lord costume.

Star Costume Shoes (Amazon)

Star lord shoes also are an essential part of the Star Lord Costume. Try these sneakers and you’ll love wearing them as casuals even every day. It has a rubber sole and memory foam insole which helps you keep your feet relaxed and your everyday walking schedules will become much more comfortable with these sneakers.

Star Lord Power Bluster (Amazon)

This toy bluster gun looks like the star lord’s weapon and will make your child actually feel like a superhero. Gift this amazing toy gun to your child this birthday and he’ll love this as a gift.

Peter Jason Quill Headphone (Amazon)

It is really difficult to find good quality headphones these days. The worry is now over as we have the finest quality headphone set which has high and good quality sound. These are not only for the purpose to complete the Star-Lord costume but you can also enjoy listening to songs in it!

Star Lord Walkman (Amazon)

Got shocked? Yes, this Star Lord Walkman that you see in the picture is not real! It is made of plastic and doesn’t play. But no need to worry as we’ll make the same Walkman of course which will play and you can have the best quality Walkman that is available in town!

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