Why did you choose leather jackets? to only look badass? No the real purpose of selecting a leather jacket is to get enough protection and this will only happen when you have the best quality features.

Do you have knowledge regarding the difference between PU and Real Leather? Don’t get confused while searching for a good quality jacket. Besides people who can identify the leather product, we educate you not to end up with fake products.

We don’t want you to hate the product which you accidentally bought in order to save money. We want you to learn what you lose with the decision you have already taken because with proper care real leather will sustain long-lasting.

With the help of the pros and cons, we will cover all the essential points that we want to educate our buyers prior to purchasing a leather jacket.

What is a PU Leather Jacket?

Faux leather is an alternate name for PU (Polyurethane). It is a material made from plastic which is the reason it usually costs lower than the original.

You know a jacket made with PU leather has almost similar looks to genuine leather. It is difficult to tell at first sight but we will be sure that within a few months you will definitely notice the difference.

Is PU Leather Jacket Durable?

Honestly, the answer is “NO

It does not have much resistance power as compared to genuine leather. These low-cost substitutes can get easily affected by the sweat of your body. On the contrary, with some care, high-quality leather jackets may survive for the next two years and more.

  • Low-priced.
  • Look and feels like Genuine Leather.
  • Lighter Weight.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Shinny appearance.
  • Good for mild climate region with occasional rains
  • Bulky in some cases.
  • Artificial Leather.
  • Cannot withstand heat.
  • Thicker than the real leather.
  • Easily get affected by the oil and body sweat.
  • Smell like chemicals.
  • With maximum use, it starts to crack and peel in less than a year.

As a buyer, you must know these common details before you spend money on a leather luxury. It should also be kept in mind that the quality of PU Leather Jackets may vary on the manufacturing brand and the cost; which you can find after wearing them sometimes.

Is Real Leather and Genuine Leather are same?

Don’t get confused the genuine leather with real. Upon searching on the google platform you will find both as synonyms with the same meaning, but as far as the leather industry it doesn’t mean the same. Let me explain more…

You have already seen the label genuine as real on several brands which sometimes fall in the category and sometimes not. Let’s take an example a leather brand is selling two types of identical jackets at two different prices. One refers to $299 while the other is $199 and both the products are referred to as “GENUINE

Strange! think about the difference in the quality they are given in less price are made of bonded leather which includes the leftovers of the real leather.

Not always genuine leather is real but in our recommendation, you should analyze the material prior to buying a product.

Is Real Leather any good?

Yes – Absolutely!

With some extra-cost Real Leather Jackets are well known for their durability and toughness. Its upgraded features will give you an experience lasting like environmental resistance (cold snow, water, and heat).

How Real Leathers are made?

With animal hides like a horse, lamb, and sheep, Real Leather Jackets are made. Jacket makers use lambskin to make a good quality jacket. These are skin-friendly, soft, and give an everlasting experience.

  • Highly durable.
  • Dries naturally if gets wet during rainfall.
  • Last longer than PU.
  • Gives a luxury look.
  • Gets better over time.
  • Protect from heat, wind, and cold.
  • Absorbant
  • Need proper caring
  • Extra-cost added
How to Identify?

Finally, we must check out the dissimilarity prior to buying Real and PU Leather. Things get tricky sometimes but the point of knowledge is that PU leather stays natural while real leather got wrinkles when you press it too harder. Take a look at the picture.


You can identify a Genuine Leather Jacket by reading this guide.

Let’s Conclude PU Vs Real Leather Jackets…

The biggest difference we find in the contest of PU vs Real Leather Jackets is the quality. PU is an artificial leather that looks like a genuine piece but opposite in terms of benefit.

We prefer you to invest wisely in real leather jackets; it is durable and comfortable more than the artificial piece of leather. Although initially you save money; it cost more to restore or fix them.

Always pick the right quality jacket when you buy it next time. After educating a lot in PU vs Real Leather Jackets war; check out some amazing designs made with real leather that is durable, versatile, and budget-friendly. Shop our picks today!

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