Many people buy a premium quality leather jacket is once in their lifetime. Because of stains and dust jackets looks older after some time. Through this post, we would like to aware you on how to wash a leather jacket at home? Let this conversation be simple, you can’t through your leather jacket into the washing machine so it must be not so easier to wash. You have two ways to sustain your biker jacket, either hire a professional to wash your leather jacket who has a good reputation with some cost, or we will teach you an alternative for how to clean a leather jacket at home within budget.

Without Ruining can you wash a Leather Jacket @ home?

To keep the sustainable look of your leather jacket you can clean it at home but make sure don’t wash it. To be beneficial in the ongoing procedure we would like you to read the label inside the best leather jackets you have. The following items are required to clean the leather jacket at home.

  • Leather conditioner (which is an optional component).
  • A brush and clean cloth (ideal would be a microfiber cloth).
  • Leather cleaning solution or baby shampoo, clean water, and a bowl.
Are you ready to wash a Leather Jacket (DIY)!

What you need to collect initially are the leather dust cleaning brush and a good quality leather cleaning solution. Here comes the real twist, if you don’t want to buy any product that follows the alternative method which can be manageable with the available items at home.

Follow these effectual steps to clean your leather jacket outfits: –

1. Clean the Dust from the Leather Jacket:-

From the surface of the jacket start the cleaning procedure. Make sure the brush you are using for cleaning won’t damage the leather. For long-term use, I suggest you buy a leather cleaning brush from Amazon. Just for the knowledge with the help of a clean cloth, you can also clean the dust from the surface of the jacket.

2. Wash your Jacket with Leather Cleaning Solution or a Baby Shampoo:-

  • Take a bowl and pour water into it.
  • Into the bowl add 2 or 3 teaspoons of baby shampoo and mix it carefully.
  • Use a sponge or towel for cleaning but an ideal item is a microfiber cloth. Dip it into the bowl containing baby shampoo solution, before applying the damp cloth on the surface of the leather jacket squeeze extra water out.
  • Once you wet the surface of the jacket begins the wiping process in a circular motion with a cloth. Where you see a stain make sure to wipe it first.
  • Now switch to the next level and remove all the baby shampoo solution/detergent, with the help of a cloth damped in freshwater start wiping.
  • By using a dry towel again wipe the extra water on the surface of the leather jacket. Make sure all the process from beginning till end you have to use a circular motion.
  • Keep your jacket in a breezy place for at least about 24 hours to dry it. Please avoid the fastest way like a dryer or direct sunlight because it will damage your leather jacket.
Cleaning Leather Jacket with Cleaning Solution

A good quality leather cleaner solution is available at a leather specialist store; spend a few dollars to buy it. By using a cleaning solution you can skip the baby shampoo solution. You can order any form of cleaner either bar or spray; step by step user manual comes with the product. Don’t use it instantly make sure to use the leather clear in smaller parts (i.e. inside the jacket) to inspect how it affects the leather.

3. Apply Leather Conditioner:-

After completing the cleaning process and drying, apply a leather conditioner to your jacket. It will bring back your leather jacket’s shine and make it soft & flexible. To make leather jacket live longer some conditioner comes with waterproofing ability,

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