In HBO Max’s Our Flag Means Death, Edward Teach is the main character known as Blackbeard. What We Do In The shadow and Thor: Ragnarok was also directed by the Taika Waititi like this comedy series. He wishes to abandon the title and expresses boredom with his bloodthirsty life after being inspired by the legendary pirate. Collect all the accessories of the Blackbeard costume from Our Flag Means Death.

Gray Wig and Beard: Amazon

Let’s begin the DIY of Edward Teach costume with the gray wig and beard. This wig can also consider a God Halloween costume like Zeus and Neptune. Generally, pirates’ beards are long as they may don’t have time to shave regularly.

Black Sharpie: Amazon

He aboard the revenge and takes a keen interest in his life after rescuing Stede Bonnet from death. Edward wears all black therefore his name is suggested as Blackbeard. Use the sharpie to black the mustache and roots of the beard.

Tattoo Sleeve: Amazon

He wants to kill Stede and originally plots to steal his identity, however, the two develop a close friendship that blossoms into romance. There are several options for tattoos sleeves available on the product page select the best buying option you like.

Gold Gothic Rings: Amazon

Captain Blackbeard loves to wear gothic rings in gold therefore we bring some designs for you to choose one for the Blackbeard cosplay at Halloween. You will also find a trendy snake ring, charming dragon ring, etc in silver as well.

Black Fingerless Gloves: Amazon

The Blackbeard pirate used to wear fingerless gloves as part of the Edward Teach costume accessories. Its unique fashionable design matches your most daily suits.

Black Long Sleeve ShirtBlack Long Sleeve Shirt: Amazon

To take over the BlackBeard ship you have to cut one side of the long sleeves with scissors. There are varieties of colors are available on the product page of the Amazon store.

Black One Shoulder Harness: Amazon

The pirate Edward Teach we one shoulder harness made with faux leather on the side where you had to cut the long sleeve of the shirt and wear the tattoo sleeve.

Asymmetrical Black Leather Vest: Amazon

Once you decide to buy leather you have to educate yourself on what to buy and what not? Right now we suggest buying the leather vest made with PU leather and it is budget-friendly for Edward Teach cosplay.

Black Leather Belt: Amazon

The dress belt made with genuine leather is the right choice for Our Flag Means Death cosplay. However, you can cart more colors by visiting the product page.

Black Faux Leather Vinyl Pants: Amazon

For the pride of the character, we suggest most of the accessories are made with leather. This item is perfect for parties and nightclubs after Halloween cosplay.

Black Pirate Boots: Amazon

After having pirates boots in your bucket you are ready for the Blackbeard cosplay at Halloween. We know you like this DIY costume guide and share it on social media. Check our costume collections for more Halloween costume ideas.

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